Life has Its way of changing and challenging people.  In fact, I've always found the people I resonate most with are those who have been through many challenges, forced to grow, and chosen to rise to the occasion. 

I like to think I fall in that category.  My unique story has afforded me the ability to learn a lot of crafts; photography, videography, retouching, designing, writing, selling and even teaching yoga.  

Each time I have expanded my knowledge in one area, every other area of expertise has also improved.  It's like my mom used to say; "If you can't mop the floor of your business, or you haven't learned each department, you cannot lead well."  

Through diversifying my talents, I get to see from more perspectives.  It's that diversity that makes my team cohesive and enables visions to come to life.


My background in fashion, advertising & commercials, coupled with my awareness of energy, has led me to look for the emerging future in my subjects. Always seeking to reveal a future that leads the viewer to a more conscientious destination through the people and products that they love the most. 

Technical Expertise:

Adobe Creative Suite
Photoshop, Lightroom,
Bridge, Illustrator, Premiere
Final Cut Pro
Capture One
Mail Chimp
Canon Cameras
Profoto Lighting
Elinchrom Lighting

Work with Me

Have an upcoming project? Let's get in touch via email to discuss rates, scheduling and more.


Fashion Photography
Commercial Photography
Product Photography
Photo Retouching
Photo Editing
Graphic Design
Copy Writing
Email Marketing

I'm available for local projects in Colorado as well as out of state/country. 

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Portrait / Personal Brand Shoot

Step out of your current thoughts about how you should look, or be... we will capture the energy you want to put into the world.
You may surprise yourself seeing what comes out when you open yourself to the possibilities of all you are.

To get the most out of your personal brand shoot experience,
I will ask you to step into the framework set forth below.

On your shoot day, you should plan nothing else.  We may not use the whole day, but to create a sacred container free from rush or worry, set aside any and all plans and be fully present.

We will have a 1-2hour call a week or more before the shoot to sort out location, clothes, and vision.  What do you want these photos for? What do you want them to say? 

Before the call I will send you an exercise to create a word map that will give us focus and direction during the call.  Complete the exercise at a time when you are relaxed and unhurried, have it ready for the call.

What do you get when the day is done?

- 40 edited images to use however you please in perpetuity

- A 1TB hard drive containing all of your final images 

- An experience of stepping into yourself, uninterrupted, encapsulated and memorialized in images

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